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Mechanical characteristics of bronze

Mechanical advantages of bronzes

Tin bronze with 4 to 6% of tin is characterized by excellent mechanical, corrosion and friction properties, it is well machined and easy to mould. Lead is added to tin bronze to enhance its workability and anti-friction properties. The addition of zinc, improves foundry properties and phosphorus, increases mechanical, anti-friction and casting properties.

Tin foundry and wrought bronzes

Tin foundry bronzes contain up to 15% of tin, 3 to 6% of lead, 4 to 10% of zinc and 0.4 to 1% of phosphorus. Casting bronze (GOST 614-73) is used for making shaped castings. The scarcity and high cost of tin is the main disadvantage of tin bronzes. Wrought bronzes (GOST 5017-74) are used for production of bushings for instruments, bearing inserts , etc. They are supplied as semi-finished items (wires, rods, strips, bands) in hard (annealed) and soft (annealed) condition.

Aluminum bronze

Aluminum bronze contains iron, aluminum, manganese, silicon, beryllium, lead, as well as various combinations of related elements. Aluminum bronze contains from 4 to 11% of aluminum, which guarantees high corrosion resistance and good technological qualities. Such alloy is easily machinable in hot state by pressure, and with increase in aluminum content up to 8% it is easily machinable in cold state as well. Aluminum bronze, which contains from 9 to 11% aluminum, as well as nickel, iron, manganese, is hardened by heat treatment (tempering and hardening).

Manganese bronze

BrMTs5 grade has relatively low mechanical properties but has good corrosion resistance and high ductility, as well as the ability to retain its strength properties at elevated temperatures.

Lead Bronze

BrS3O grade has high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity (4 times higher than tin alloys). Such alloy is used for production of heavily loaded bearings with high specific pressure.

Beryllium and silicon bronze

BrB2 grade (containing beryllium) exhibits high mechanical properties after heat treatment. It is used for production of the most critical special-purpose items. Its disadvantage is considered to be difficult soldering - it is necessary to use expensive silver solder with flux. Silicon alloy (BrKMZ-1, BrKN1-3) is used as a substitute for expensive beryllium bronzes.

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