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Main properties of titanium metal

The advantages of titanium

Titanium was discovered more than 200 years ago. In terms of a number of advantages, it was ahead of all metals and alloys known at that time. Its high specific strength, resistance to aggressive environment and low weight allowed to carry out bold technical projects. The exceptional technical properties of titanium alloys are unchangeable at the temperatures up to 500°C. This metal in its pure form is suitable for any kind of processing: stamping, drilling, rolling. Its coefficient of thermal expansion at 20°C is 1.5 times lower than that of iron, 2 times lower than that of copper and almost 3 times lower than that of aluminum. It has a high electrical resistance. If the electrical conductivity of silver is taken as 100%, then the electrical conductivity of copper is 94%, aluminum 60%, iron 15%, titanium 3.8%. Titanium is a paramagnetic with very weak magnetic susceptibility. Its thermal conductivity is very low and is 22.07 W/(mK) which is about 3 times lower than that of iron, 7 times lower than that of magnesium and 17-20 times lower than that of aluminum or copper.

Hardening: alphasing, nitriding, carbiding

Thermal processing produces so called alphiated soy on the surface of titanium semi-finished products due to active interaction of hot titanium with oxygen and nitrogen

Grade of alloy Oxygen content in the altered layer mg/cm2 Depth of the alphinated layer (mm)
VT-1 2,8 0,8
OT-4 1,5 0,2
VT3-1 2,5 0,6
ВТ-5 4,2 2,0
ВТ-6 2,2 0,6
VT-9 cast 7,3 0,8

Nitriding of titanium alloys increases heat and especially wear resistance and resistance to abrasion. The most popular nitriding method is the heating of semi-finished products in an atmosphere of pure nitrogen to a temperature of 850 to 950°C. If the alloy contains aluminum or zirconium, the speed and depth of nitriding increase, the depth is up to 0.2 mm.

Alloy grade Nitriding depth Surface hardness kgf/mm2
VT-1 0,06 - 0,08 750 - 850
VT3-1 0,04 - 0,05 700 - 750
VT-5 0,08 - 0,1 750 - 800
VT-8 0,12 - 0,14 700 - 750
VT-14 0,14 - 0,16 750 - 850

Carbidization (cementation) is an effective method of hardening titanium alloys. It is carried out in a mixture with activated carbon in a vacuum or in an atmosphere of a mixture of argon 5% carbon monoxide, methane or propane... Processing in an atmosphere of a gas mixture leads to saturation with hydrogen, which reduces the plasticity of titanium. Processing with charcoal takes 24 - 48 hours but leads to deeper carbideization


Titanium is in demand in nonferrous metallurgy, food, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper and other industries. In recent years it has been used in electroplating, nuclear engineering, power engineering and electronics. Its properties are necessary for armor plates in armaments industry. In nuclear engineering - for heat exchangers. Surgical instruments and implants, parts of desalination plants and racing cars are made of it. In sports equipment it is used for golf clubs and climbing equipment. It is found in parts of hand watches and exclusive jewelry. When nitriding is applied to this metal, a goldish film is formed on its surface which is as beautiful as gold. With the development of modern metallurgy, it is no problem to buy this metal.


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