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Global titanium market

Price dynamics

Market conjuncture. If we analyze the price dynamics, we see that the world prices for titanium ore have been decreasing every year for the last 15 years, which contradicts the upward trend in prices for all other metals and their ore concentrates. This goes against economic logic and cannot last long. At the end of 2012, ferrotitanium went up in price, which gave the base metals market a second wind. According to experts, the aviation industry has been rapidly developing recently, and production of titanium-alloyed steel has risen rapidly.


According to forecasts, the market situation this year will definitely be better than the previous year.
On March 27, 2004 the VSMPO Board of Directors discussed possibilities for merging AVISMA and VSMPO. It resulted in a decision to establish a working group consisting of specialists from both companies and external consultants whose main task is to draw up an action plan for merging the two companies.


Some analysts consider that this process can be hindered by the Renova company of Victor Vekselberg who controls SUAL as well as over 12% of VSMPO shares, but this information has not been confirmed yet. «SUAL itself is interested in promoting its own rolled KUZOTSM products on the world market. Apart from S. P. Uniti with American Boeing (Allegheny Technologies), the company controls American manufacturer of titanium mill products — National Forge & Machining and it has plans to purchase a company which specializes in titanium melting (presumably, Pamona Melting). It should be mentioned once again that the production facilities located in the United States allow VSMPO to circumvent the restrictions imposed on supplies to the U.S. armaments manufacturers.


But decrease in the profitability of production does not stop VSMPO. The company has decided to realize its credibility through investments; it plans to place about 20% of its shares in the form of ADRs on American stock markets. The analysts think that the assets of the company are too undervalued; nevertheless, it is expected that the profit will amount to about $500 million. The long-term plans are to float shares publicly next year in order to make the company more clear and transparent for investors. This is gratifying, because today’s activity of non-ferrous metals industry remains something beyond the clouds.

Titan 2004 Conference

On May 24−27, 2004 on «St. Petersburg» ship took place «Titan 2004 in CIS» conference, information about it you may find at:
Themes discussed at the conference:
— titanium market in the world and CIS countries;
— industry development program;
— titanium raw material base and sponge production development trends;
— achievements in metal science and titanium metallurgy;
— dynamics of development of the main fields of titanium applications;
— titanium applications in medicine, power engineering, consumer goods;
— reviews of titanium waste and ferrotitanium markets.


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