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Cutting of nickel and nickel alloys

Technical Characteristics

Machining, particularly the cutting of nickel and nickel alloys, differs depending on the percentage of the constituent elements. The most popular methods of nickel machining are such as:

-laser cutting;

-Tape saws;

-oxygen flux cutting.

Each of these methods has its own characteristics. For example, high-quality cutting of nickel and nickel alloys with a laser is possible only if there is gas protection (most often argon).

Cutting elements

Carbide inserts are used as an effective cutting element. They are divided into 2 types: solderable and replaceable. The advantage of the latter is that they can be used to perform several different operations on one machine in a row. In the production of carbide inserts (BK6, BK60M, BK8, BK10) refractory metals are used:

- tungsten;

- titanium;

- cobalt;

- tantalum.

Carbide inserts.

For example, soldered carbide insert BK6, according to GOST requirements, is made of tungsten. This makes it possible to use the metal-cutting tool at high cutting speeds at temperatures up to 1000 °C. For the same purpose you can also buy ВК8 carbide plates - they are almost identical to ВК6 in heat resistance, but have a higher bending strength.

Another good option for use as a drill, cutter or milling cutter would be ВК10 carbide inserts with hardness HRA of not less than 87.0. As for the bending strength, it is even higher than that of BK6 and BK8 and amounts to not less than 180 kgf/mm2. Nickel alloys are cut and drilled at low speeds


Quite often metal carbides are added to tungsten alloys. This reduces the brittleness of the product and therefore increases its useful life. Besides pure tungsten (BK6, BK8, BK10), there are also carbide plates, in which such rare metal alloys as titanium (T14K8), titanium with tantalum carbide (TT10K8B) and tungsten-free (TN20 or KNT16) are added.


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