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Industrial applications of nickel


Nickel alloys are the basis for many semi-finished products required by modern industry: wires and threads are difficult to replace in modern electrical engineering, tubes and sheets for welded structures in industrial chemistry and mechanical engineering. In the 21st century, the use of nickel in industry is expanding due to its high performance, cost effectiveness and reliability.


The range of uses for nickel is truly astounding, given how versatile and in-demand this metal is. It is used in rechargeable batteries, coins, musical accessories and components, and even in radiation technology. Nickel is also often found in industrial applications, especially as a procedure such as nickel plating. Nickel-based materials have gained enormous popularity in the chemical industry and medicine. The latter is represented by a range of highly effective dentures and even brace systems.

Consumption structure

In the consumption structure, 80% of Ni is used for alloying alloys and 20% is used for protective coatings. This metal gives the alloy its valuable qualities. The aircraft engine building industry, power industry, industrial chemistry, food industry, and electrical engineering are the industries which need nickel alloys the most. Nickel is essential in such industries as radar and television. Nickel plates have replaced cadmium plates in neutron beam breakers that generate high-energy neutron pulses. Nickel plates are used in ultrasonic machines and also in modern telephones. Alloys with manganese additives (manganese nickel) are used in special rectifiers for electrode system holders and for incandescent lamps.

Electrical Engineering

Applications of alumel and chromel alloys are the production of thermocouples. With their help it is possible to accurately measure the temperature in a large range in an oxidizing environment (up to t ° 1200-1300 ° C), that is, in industrial processes. Alloys with copper (copel, constantan) are used for rheostats. In such alloys 40-50% Ni and electrical resistance does not change with changes in temperature.

Structural alloys

When listing the areas of application of nickel, it is impossible not to mention jet technology. This would not be possible without the special heat resistant alloys Inconel, Hastelloy. Transportation engineering is based on the use of similar high-strength nickel alloys. Chemical reactors, tanks, boilers and crucibles with high corrosion resistance are made of such alloys. Nickel alloys play a critical role in the construction of gas turbine engines and nuclear boilers. They are used as high-temperature protective cladding to protect uranium rods from corrosion in nuclear reactors.


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