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Soldering of nickel and its alloys


On the surface of the nickel alloy is formed a very resistant oxide film that requires special fluxes, In the process of alloying nickel alloys with titanium chromium, aluminum chemical resistance of the oxide film increases, which entails additional difficulties for soldering. Electrotechnical nickel alloys (constantan, monel) contain iron and copper. On their surface they have an oxide film that is easily restored in the gas environment. During high temperature brazing the film is removed by fluxing in vacuum, decomposing into metal and oxygen.

Gas Media

Soldering of nickel alloys requires that the gas media used have no sulfur compounds, as a fusible eutectic is formed, which penetrates deep into the grain boundaries and causes embrittlement of the metal. Brazing of heat-resistant materials based on nickel in gas reducing environments requires careful cleaning from oxygen residue with a dunite or platinum catalyst and additional drying to the dew point (-70 ° C). When brazing such alloys in a vacuum or in neutral gas environments - they should be thoroughly dried with barium peroxide, phosphorus anhydride or zeolite. Before soldering, nichromes are covered with a 15 µm thick copper or nickel layer that ensures that the solder wets the surfaces in neutral atmospheres and in a vacuum without using flux.


For low-temperature brazing, lead-tin brazing alloys that contain 40 to 60% Sn are used, as well as the recommended fluxes for steel brazing. Silver solders are used for nickel structures that operate at temperatures of 350-500°C. Copper brazing alloys are rarely used because of their low corrosion resistance. In addition, nickel dissolves in the brazing alloy during the copper brazing process. Therefore, strict control of soldering temperature and precise dosage of solder are required. When brazing with beryllium- and boron-alloyed brazing alloys, the solder metal dissolves in the solder, so that the brazing process must be carried out without overheating and quickly by strictly observing the brazing conditions.


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