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Information about nickel


Modern life cannot be imagined without nickel alloys. They serve as the basis for many semi-finished products needed by modern industry: pipes, sheets for welded structures, etc. Nickel alloys inside the building are elements from railings, handrails, elevator casings. The high-tech interior with stainless steel panels looks very attractive. In our time, there is a clear increase in the use of nickel alloys in all industries: mechanical engineering, industrial chemistry, electrical engineering — due to its high performance, efficiency, reliability. Nickel alloy items are strong and durable and require virtually no maintenance.

Technical specifications

melting point of Ni — 1455 °C;

boiling point of Ni — 2732 ° C;

Ni has ferromagnetic properties;

high resistance to corrosion;

thermal conductivity — 90.9 W / (m * K).

Nickel mining

Nickel mining today is carried out in 22 countries. The country not only mines every fifth ton of nickel in the world, but is also a leader in the processing and production of this metal. The mining of this metal in Canada ranks second in world production. In addition to Canada, nickel-based alloys are produced in large quantities in China, Japan and Australia. Nickel is mined mainly from two types of ore deposits: sulfide copper-nickel and silicate iron-nickel. Dial any of the numbers in the «Contacts» section on our website and the manager of the «Auremo» company will offer the most favorable terms of cooperation.


All products presented in the warehouse of the company «Auremo» have a quality certificate. The technical documentation reflects the chemical composition and mechanical properties of products. It is easy to buy any metal products for large-scale production from us. We also offer optimal conditions for retail buyers. A high level of service is rightfully the face of our company. For more detailed advice on supplies, you need to contact our manager. The Auremo company is one of the leading experts in the market of high-quality rolled metal products. Contact numbers and other details are available in the relevant section of the site. The courier service of the company «Auremo» will deliver the order of any volume in the shortest possible time.

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