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Processing and stages of nickel production


It is impossible to imagine modern life without nickel alloys. They are the basis for many semi-finished products required by modern industry: pipes, sheets, welded structures, etc . Inside the building, there are also elements made of nickel alloys: railings, handrails, elevator housings. The high-tech interior with the use of nickel panels looks very attractive. At present, there is a clear increase in the use of nickel in all industries: mechanical engineering, industrial chemistry, electrical engineering - due to its high performance and reliability. Objects made of nickel alloys are strong and durable and require virtually no maintenance.


The processing and production of nickel varies depending on the raw material. For example, to work with magnesia ores, processing and production involve electric smelting. This is primarily because these ores are refractory. Processing and production are also often based on hydrometallurgical methods. In this case, nickel processing and production include the effect of various alkalis and acids on the raw material.

Today, nickel processing and production and is based on the method of remelting with oxygen purging. This ensures optimal dissolution of the alloying elements contained in the charge. It should be noted that smelting without oxidation in arc furnaces results in carburizing of the metal by the electrodes, which requires a minimum initial carbon content. This limits the use of high-alloy waste and forces to include in the composition of the charge low-carbon and purified from impurities phosphorus and sulfur raw materials, which increases the cost of the final product. Many nickel-based alloys are called "superalloys" because their excellent properties are very highly valued in the aerospace industry and are also widely used as power plant components.

Ductile Machining

The peculiarities of nickel processing are governed not only by the requirements of the product, but also by the equipment used. Also worth noting are the characteristics of the material itself. Nickel's tensile strength is second only to titanium. But it also has high heat resistance parameters. It is very important that the nickel production process is designed to improve the material's properties while also enhancing its machinability. The pressure treatment process is divided into two types: non-impact and impact:

Rolling, pressing and drawing produce semi-finished products with a constant cross-section: wire, rod, sheet, and strip. They are used as blanks for subsequent forming.

Forging and stamping produce parts of approximate shape that require additional work to give them final size and surface quality.


The quality of the surface is directly dependent on the way the material is finished. An important point to note is the increased quality of modern surface finishing. Let us remind that apart from grinding (it has been recently used as a preparatory operation), it can be polishing, electro-polishing, and electro-hydrotreatment. When these methods are used, the lowest possible roughness index is achieved. The surface becomes essentially mirror-like. In addition, the finish treatment often reveals hidden defects in the welded joint, which, in the interior design can be not so terrible, but in industry, where the structure (or pipe) is working in a corrosive environment, and even under pressure - it is very important. Special technology belt grinding (the use of flow line of belt machines) can significantly reduce costs, which makes the products in the eyes of consumers even more attractive. Optimization of technological processes allows to obtain the specified surface finish with minimal costs.


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