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Steel wire drawing


Stainless steel wire is divided into light (oxide-free) and oxidized according to the method of treatment; by precision of manufacture - high and normal precision, by physical properties - plasticity (first, second) class. Stainless steel wire is highly corrosion-resistant in corrosive environments. The most resistant are complexly alloyed compositions with high percentage of molybdenum, copper, nickel and silicon. Grade with the required specified set of qualities is selected depending on certain specific conditions (concentration of aggressive factor and t°).

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The most popular wire Ø 0,13 - 6 mm of the following grades: 17Х18Н9, 10Х17Н13М2Т (3T), 12Х18Н9Т (10T), 12Х18Н9, 304 AISI (08Х18Н10), 30Х13, 12 (20, 40) Х13.

Classification stainless steel welding welding stainless heat-resistant corrosion-resistant heat-resistant
GOST 06Х19Н9Т 07Х20Н9Г7Т 13CR25NI18 07CR19NI10B
UNS Er 308 Er 307 Er 347
Analog 06X19H9 07CR21NI10G6

Application. 10Х17Н13М2Т

10Х17Н13М2Т wire is made of non-magnetic steel which maintains heat resistance up to +600°С and corrosion resistance in aggressive media. It is generally used for welded structures and is widely used in pulp and paper, food, medical, chemical, oil and gas industries, as well as in power machine building.


12X18N10T grade is often used for the most critical industrial parts. Its important advantage is plasticity and good machinability. Can retain mechanical, anticorrosive qualities at t ° over 300 °C. A rod made of this steel is widely used in food, processing industry, as well as in the manufacture of mechanisms and parts that are constantly in contact with sea water and similar corrosive environments.


For wire grade 20X23H18 is used high-alloy steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and heat resistance, is used in the manufacture of parts for high-temperature installations with t ° operating over 1000 °C.


All varieties of stainless steel wire have common requirements for the quality of production, so during the purchase process, you should pay attention to the surface of the products to avoid cracks, delaminations. However, the presence of minor scratches, traces of broaching and sinks is acceptable.

Shape of delivery Thickness Diameter Length Width
Circle 10-250 mm 1 - 6 meters
Wire 0.1-16.0 mm in a coil

Heat treatment

To increase mechanical toughness and ductility - practice heating steel to 1050-1080°C, then hardening it in water to give hardness. This hardening process strengthens the surface layer through plastic structural deformation. As a result, the products acquire high hardness and strength, but partially lose ductility and impact toughness. As the percentage of hardening increases, stainless steel becomes stronger but loses ductility. In addition to stainless high-tar and tungsten carbide tapes, there are also soft and semi-tungsten carbide tapes. They all differ in edge type, surface finish, accuracy and workmanship. As a rule the following grades are used for production: 12Х18Н10Е, 12Х25Н16Г7АР, 12Х21Н5Т, 12 (30)Х13, 08Х17Н5МЗ, 12Х17Г9А4, 12Х18Н9, 10Х17Н13МЗТ, 09Х15Н8Ю, 10Х17Н13М2Т, 20Х13Н4Г9 and others.

Wire drawing .

Dragging or broaching of steel wire is another way of metal processing. Production of this product is regulated by GOST and TU (from the chemical composition of the billet to the manufacturing technology). Also general information about rolled metal considers several ways to improve the quality of steel wire using pickling and galvanizing. The process of the latter is regulated by GOST 2263-79 and is intended to improve corrosion-resistant properties of products. Auremo Company provides the widest assortment of rolled metal products in any quantity, including tubes of heat-resistant steel, on more than favorable terms. Our managers can be contacted via e-mail as well as by phone, which is specified in the section "Contacts".


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