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Pressing of metals and alloys

Technical characteristics

Such type of pressure processing as pressing metals and alloys was scientifically grounded more than 200 years ago. Today, carbon and alloy steels are processed with this method. There are 2 methods of pressing - direct and reverse. Technologically, the process of pressing metal consists of such operations as:

-preparing the workpiece;

-Heating of the billet;

-Placing the workpiece in a container;


-Finishing of the finished product.

Pressing - is a method of metal workpieces processing by pressure. The term comes from the Latin presso - press. Such processing is relevant in a wide variety of industries. By pressing increases the density of the surface layer of the workpiece and improves its mechanical properties.

High-pressure presses

Modern toolmaking makes use of high-pressure presses. A billet that has been heated to a desired temperature is placed in a container. A die is placed on one side of the container and a pressure washer is placed on the other side of the container. The rod drives the press washer, which creates the necessary pressure on the workpiece. This pressure causes the material to be pressed out through the hole in the die.

Types of pressing

Depending on the direction of the applied force, there are the following types of pressing:

direct pressing (the vector of movement of the workpiece coincides with the movement of the die);

reverse pressing (the workpiece moves toward the press washer).

Pressing allows to obtain semi-finished products of required shape and cross-section - from steel alloys or non-ferrous metals: wire, rod, sheet, strip. They are used as the initial blanks, from which the part will be formed.


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