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Extrusion or extrusion in rolled steel production

Extrusion is the continuous process of squeezing viscous material such as molten metal or hot plastic material through special dies to produce semi-finished products with the desired cross-section. Plastics are extruded to produce sheet, pipe, film, cable sheathing and optical system parts. Single-worm, multi-worm, piston and disk extruders - special installations (extrusion presses) - are used. These extrusion presses are used to shape plastic materials into the required shape after they have been pressed through profiling dies (extrusion head). A large variety of profiles can be produced from aluminium by means of extrusion processes.

Types of extrusion

Cold blue extrusion - increasing mechanical pressure is used to slowly force material through the dies to form a semi-finished product with the required profile.

Warm ext rusion: powdered raw material is mixed with water in a certain proportion and fed to the extruder, where after heating it is subjected to mechanical action. The resulting product is characterized by plasticity, low density, cellular structure.

Hot extrusion is characterized by high speeds and pressure, with mechanical energy being converted into heat, which increases the plasticity of the material. In addition, heat is applied both directly to the product and the extruder walls are heated, the temperature exceeding 120 °C.

Advantages of extrusion

The main advantages of the specified method are:

-low energy costs;

-High output;

-Unlimited length of the products.

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