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Application of nickel cathodes and anodes in the coating process

Applications in nickel alloys The use of nickel cathodes and anodes in the coating process. Nickel plating at Heat resistant nickel-based alloys Nickel products

General characteristic

Nickel plating is the treatment of surfaces by coating them with a layer of nickel. As a rule, this layer is between 1 and 50 µm thick. Nickel plating is mainly used on steel and other metal surfaces such as zinc, copper, aluminium, rarely manganese, molybdenum, titanium and tungsten. The two most commonly used methods of nickel plating today are: 1) Chemical nickel plating. 2) Electrolytic (galvanic) - the use of nickel cathodes and anodes in the coating process. There is also a way of nickel plating nonmetallic surfaces - glass, polymer, ceramic, etc.


The use of nickel cathodes and anodes in the coating process has a number of advantages: strong adhesion to the surface, low cost, uncomplicated technology. Such coating is applied to inexpensive alloys and unalloyed steels. It effectively protects the surface from corrosion at the action of atmospheric and soil moisture, organic acids, in saline and alkaline solutions. The nickel-plated surface also has an attractive appearance and is shiny and smooth to the touch.

Electroless nickel plating

The electrolytic (galvanic) nickel plating process consists of a series of operations. Chemical degreasing with an organic solvent. Decapitation (treatment of the metal surface to remove rust, dirt, oxides and scale. Rinsing in cold and hot water, drying. The nickel plating process is carried out in special galvanic steel baths which have an acid-resistant lining. Steel surfaces or alloys of zinc, copper, aluminum, etc. are nickel plated by this method. This method is used in the production of medical instruments, chemical apparatuses, parts for car decoration and structural elements that are used in dry friction conditions. Thanks to the newest technologies this method is also used for the nickel plating of non-metals, i.e. glossy and matt coatings.

Electroless nickel plating

The basic technology of this process is the reduction of nickel from aqueous solutions of its salts by using chemical reducing agents, principally sodium hypophosphite. The chemical process of nickel plating is carried out in special baths made of glass, porcelain or enameled iron. Nickel plating can be carried out either in an alkaline or acidic solution. Nickel sulphate or nickel chloride is used at a relatively low concentration of ~5 g/l.

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