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Nickel products

Technical Characteristics

Nickel serves as the basis for many semi-finished products required by modern industry: wire, pipes, sheets for welded structures , etc. Very often nickel serves as the basis for special alloys, which are conventionally divided into:



-Alloys with special properties;


The price of nickel remains stable on the rolled metal market. Nickel-based alloys are used with equal success in the aerospace industry, as well as in coinage and medical industries, and in the production of musical instruments.

Rolled Products

Nickel plate and strip are produced by hot, cold rolling. In accordance with GOST regulations, the surface of the finished products may have minor defects: color changes, risks, dents, which do not exceed the size of tolerances.


The parameters of flat nickel rolled products are in a wide range of 0.2-5 mm - thickness, width - 500-800 mm and length of about 500-2000 mm. If the dimensions are larger, a deviation of up to 20 mm in length is allowed.Nickel sheets come in measured, out of measured length, multiples of 100.


The qualities of nickel rolled products depend directly on the accompanying alloying components. Antimony, bismuth, sulfur, zinc and lead reduce durability. Sulfur on the surface forms a sulfide film that has a lower melting point than nickel, making the sheet brittle when heated. The main method of cleaning the sheet from impurities is electrorefining. In this case, the sheet is immersed in an electrolyte and another nickel sheet acts as a cathode, on whose surface the pure metal is deposited. This process is self-sustaining because the electro-refining process produces an "anode sludge" and easily decomposes into a large number of chemically valuable elements.

Seamless nickel tubes

Seamless nickel tubes are produced by rolling, pressing and drawing. They are the most popular today in nuclear power and industrial chemistry because of their high reliability. No matter how skillfully and technologically executed the weld seam, it is impossible to exclude its leakage, and if such pipelines circulate toxic liquids, the probable leaks must be completely excluded.

Nickel Wire

Nickel wire, filament, due to its exceptional ductility, is produced by cold rolling up to 5-20 microns thick. Used in electrical engineering for the production of heating elements with consistently high levels of resistance.


Nickel strip is mainly used in electrical engineering and instrumentation for the production of anodes, cathodes, as well as various electric heaters and elements with a high stable level of resistance. Such elements are most often made from nickel strip with a thickness of 5-20 microns. Nickel plate is widely used in the nuclear power, chemical and engineering industries. Cold-rolled nickel sheets with a niobium additive of up to 2.5% are vacuum annealed after rolling, and the surface is etched. This sheet has a narrow thermal neutron capture cross-section and is resistant to aggressive environments. Such sheets are used in nuclear power industry and for chemical reactor vessels.


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