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Soldering of titanium and titanium alloys

Technical data

The interaction of atmospheric gases with titanium leads to the formation of an altered layer on the surface that must be removed before starting brazing by sandblasting or etching with HNO3 solution (20-20 ml) or HCl (30-40 ml) per 1 liter of water. Etching time is 5 to 10 min at 20 °C. After this treatment there is still an oxide thin film on the metal surface, which is poorly wetted by the solder. As a rule, brazing of titanium alloys is carried out in argon or vacuum, carefully purged from nitrogen impurities, water vapors and oxygen. Because of this, brazing is usually performed at t° from 800 to 900°C. This ensures fast wetting of the metal with the solder. At higher temperatures above 900 ° C there is a tendency to increase the grain, as well as worsening plastic properties. It is the hydrogen in the metal that reduces ductility. Hydrogen is removed when heated to 900 °C in a vacuum at a pressure of 0.01 Pa. Therefore titanium brazing in a vacuum is preferable to brazing in a neutral atmosphere.


When selecting solder, brazing method and mode, it should be remembered that titanium is capable of forming brittle intermetallides in the brazed seam with all the elements that are included in the solders. That is why silver is often used as a solder base. It forms the least brittle intermetallic compounds with titanium.

Low-temperature brazing alloys

Soldering titanium with tin-lead and other low-temperature brazing alloys is quite rare. In this case titanium is electroplated with nickel before the brazing process is started. To increase the bonding of nickel and titanium the parts are heated to t° 250 °C for an hour. Then braze with the same fluxes and solders as for pure nickel. Titanium can also be brazed with low-temperature brazing alloys after coating with silver, copper or tin. To tin the workpiece prepared for soldering, it is quickly dropped into a heated to t° 700 ° C tin for 10-20 minutes. You can also coat titanium with tin using fluxes containing tin chloride.


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