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Mirror sheet


Mirror stainless steel sheet has significant corrosion resistance, which distinguishes it from black rolled steel. The advantages include the appearance of a very attractive appearance, good manufacturability. It is easy to install, does not require a long time to repair, replacement, has a high wear resistance. It is widely used by all areas of industry: construction, modern design for exterior, interior decoration, medicine, pharmaceuticals. It is used for production of chemical and food tanks. Indispensable when working in high-temperature and aggressive environment. When compared with rolled ferrous metals, stainless steel has less weight for the same strength.


Production is possible by hot-rolled and cold-rolled method. The thickness of cold-rolled sheets is 0.4 to 5 mm. Hot-rolled - 2 - 50 mm, the accuracy of rolling sheets can be: increased - A, normal - B accuracy, and flatness: very high flatness - PO, high - SP and normal - P. H. General purpose steel cold-rolled sheets have two degrees of stretching - deep - G and normal - H; as well as three degrees of surface quality, and for cold stamping, has four degrees of quality. The high surface quality is produced by cold rolling followed by light annealing and mirror dressing. Denoted by the American abbreviation "VA" according to the European standard EN 10 008-2, the mirror finish of the coating is classified as 2R.


Mirrored steel surface looks very impressive, withstands high temperatures, contact with aggressive environment. Steel mirror has become a symbol of modern design - hi-tech style. It is widely used by modern architects in exterior and interior decoration. Mirror steel sheets are in demand in medicine, pharmaceutics, production of chemical and food containers.


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