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Production of hot-rolled sheets


Note at once that stainless steel sheets can be made in two ways: by hot and cold rolling. They also differ in the precision of rolling. The increased accuracy is class A, and the normal accuracy is class B. According to flatness, sheets can be particularly high flatness, normal flatness and increased flatness.


Each grade of stainless steel has its own rolling technology, but the general principles remain the same. The production of hot rolled sheet requires strict adherence to temperature control and time intervals between rolls. Usually the billet is heated to 850 °C, then brought to the temperature at which it is rolled. Rapid heating can lead to surface cracking. And if cracks appeared on stainless steel, then such material is considered defective, the cracks will no longer tighten on it as they do on high-carbon steel. It is also important not to exceed the allowable heating temperature. If the temperature is exceeded, the sheet will simply burn and oxidize, thereby losing all its valuable qualities, for which it is famous.


The room for the storage of products must be dry and clean, do not allow dirt and dust on the rolled metal. Contamination may cause loss of appearance, even customer refusal of the product. In principle, stainless steel is otherwise unpretentious, it has an attractive appearance, easy to polish, requires little effort to maintain.


Hot-rolled stainless steel sheets are in demand in a wide variety of industries. They are often used in riveted structures, bolted and welded joints. These sheets are needed wherever resistance to atmospheric and soil moisture, in aggressive gas, alkaline and acid environments is required. Metallurgical industry, heat-exchange and chemical equipment, gas turbine engine parts, construction, nuclear power, military-industrial complex.


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