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Tin-plated copper electrical busbar

Advantages .

In some connections, tinned copper electrical bus bars are the best choice for the design of the connection. First of all, we are talking about structures that are not protected from the negative effects of the external environment. The fact that the alloy of copper without tinning over time subject to oxidation, which leads to arcing, destroying electrical contacts. Copper bars have very high ductility, wear resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, durability and reliability. They are resistant to corrosion. Tires of this type are very economical, easy to operate and maintain. They deform easily in hot and cold conditions. After use they can be recycled.


Almost the only disadvantage is the low strength in comparison to steel.


Standardized TU 48-0814-105-2000 and State Standards 434-78 of copper grades M1, M0b, M2 with chemical composition according to GOST 859-2001. The process of sampling to control the composition is regulated by GOST 24 231-80. When selecting tires pay special attention to their appearance - all surfaces must be matte, clean and bright. The edges should not stratify, have any cracks, burrs.


When buying pay attention to the marking - it will indicate the purity of the alloy and the composition of alloying elements. For example, hard tires will be marked as SMT, soft - as SMM. For example, the M0b grade corresponds to oxygen-free copper with an extremely low content of impurities. Such tire is easy to plastic deformation and brazing at high temperatures. Marking M1 or M2 corresponds to high percentage of oxygen content. Special treatment is required in order to braze or weld such tire.


Electrical engineering, nuclear power industry, mechanical engineering, trolleybus bus duct mounting. Also tinned copper electrical tires are widely used in production of linear gas pedals, equipment intended for space, vacuum equipment. Such tires are used for making parts of linear gas pedals and electronic devices and switchgears.

Thickness in mm Width in mm Tinned tires Cost
3-12 20-120 M, 1 kg As agreed
3-12 20-120 M1, 1 kg As agreed
2-8 20-12 M2,1 kg As agreed


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