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Copper roofing sheet


Roofing copper sheet is widely used for the construction of the top layer of the roof. Due to the fact that copper sheets have very high strength and corrosion resistance, the use of this material ensures long-term operation of the roof without the need to replace it or carry out repairs for decades. Heat resistance and attractive appearance allow the roofing sheet to be widely used for arranging fireplace areas.

Key qualities

Copper roofing is the most reliable and durable. Although copper belongs to non-ferrous metals, today this material is quite affordable for a very wide range of consumers. This material is more expensive than other roof coverings, however, its technical characteristics are much higher. The copper roof retains its original appearance for decades. In Europe, and now you can find quite a few buildings related to architectural monuments, with a copper roof. Many buildings were built back in the 18th and 19th centuries, but there are also those that are more than seven hundred years old today, but at the same time they still attract attention with their magnificence, as well as the nobility of the copper roof.


Today, the copper version of the roof is experiencing its rebirth. More and more people are beginning to give their preference to roofs made of this metal. In addition, the use of modern technologies allows not only very fast, but also quite high-quality installation and turn the roof of the house into a real masterpiece of architecture.


According to its design, copper used as a roofing material is divided into three main types, such as: copper tiles, falsetto roofing, and copper checker.

Copper tile is an artificial material, it is made from individual pieces of copper and in finished form it can resemble the surface of a stone, scale or wood.

A copper checker is a special plate made in the form of rhombuses, trapezoids or squares, different in shape.

The manufacturing technology of a falsetto roof is the production of individual elements of the coating, the so-called paintings.


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