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Copper pipe fitting


Copper fittings refer to the connecting fittings of pipeline systems. They provide a reliable connection of pipeline fragments. There are the following varieties of copper fittings: couplings, elbows, connecting transitions, tees.


Copper fittings are produced by strip welding, as well as hot and cold deformation of ingots. The following grades are used: M1, M2, MZ with chemical composition according to GOST 859−2001. Production is regulated by the following GOSTs: 52 922−2008 — capillary solder fittings; 52 948−2008 — pressed fittings. End, inner and outer surfaces of products shall be clean, bright, with metallic luster, without burrs, pits, sharp edges, cracks and delaminations.

Transitions are elements with which pipes of different diameters are connected. Concentric reducers are shaped as a truncated cone, while eccentric ones have a rectangular trapezoidal cross-section. Depending on the method of production they are divided into pressed and welded.

Tees for soldering. Their form: single branch, three branch, transitional and equal-through. Materials: copper grade M1, Ø from 6 to 108 mm.

Copper bends. They have two-fold or single-fold shape. The bend angle can be: 180°, 90°, 45°. Materials: grade M1, M2, MZ, Ø from 6 to 108 mm.


Copper fittings are used in water supply systems — hot or cold, water treatment systems, steam heating, sewage, gas supply. They are highly demanded in construction, engineering, as well as utilities. Tees provide any branching of the pipeline. It should be noted that transition tees have different diameters of body and neck openings, while equal-through tees have the same diameters. High level of pressure and dynamic loads places high demands on the reliability of connections, which is fully provided by copper fittings.


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