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Material copper

Copper metal

Cu belongs to the group of heavy non-ferrous metals. It is obtained by processing ores as well as by recycling copper scrap. It is very malleable and forged. It ranks second after silver in electrical conductivity. Because of this, it is used in its pure form for the manufacture of wire, coils, electrical terminals. Two copper alloys were made to increase strength properties, which are insufficient for pure copper: brass alloy (Cu+Zn) and bronze alloy (Cu+Sn).

Physical qualities of Cu
Atomic (molar) mass g/mol 63,548
Atomic number 29
Density [g/cm3] 8,92
Melting point t°С 1085°С
Oxidation degree 3, 2, 1, 0
Thermal conductivity K [W/(m-K) 401
Molar volume cm3/mol 7,1

Uses .

Copper is used with equal success in electrical engineering, as a roofing material, in the manufacture of heating equipment, in sanitary engineering, and in instrumentation. This metal with its unique combination of useful properties is widely used in all areas of human activity. About seventy percent of the total metal consumed is consumed in the manufacture of electrical equipment. Fifteen percent is used for structural elements, and 5% is used for parts for automobiles. Four percent each goes to structural components in the transportation sector and the rest of the industry, including firearms.


Copper prices are determined by a number of factors: global economic trends, domestic economies, and proximity to refining centers. In fact, prices are indirect indicators of economic sector stability in such areas as electronics, engineering and energy, where copper is used as a raw material, and reflect the dynamics of production industry. The price of copper is determined by the stock exchange. But when considering this issue on a private basis, one should take into account the level of industrial consumption of non-ferrous metals, availability of natural resources in regions, development of mining industries.


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