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Polishing, cutting and soldering bronze

Bronze production Mechanical processing of bronze Polishing, cutting and soldering bronze

Cutting bronze

Bronze is not a particularly hard metal. Nevertheless, different bronze alloys vary greatly in hardness. For example, the beryllium alloy is highly resilient and is a spring alloy. Bronze alloys with lead and phosphorus added are the best cutting alloys. They are alloys with high antifriction properties. Specific cutting modes must be selected individually for each grade. Cutting edges of tools are made of high-speed steel designed for metalworking, Cutting elements of drums of electric planers, blades of jointer and other types of lathe cutters are often made of "square" high-speed steel. "Circle" is used for finger cutters, circular cutters, taps, drills, circular saws, laths, and similar cutters.

Soldering Bronze

To braze bronze, you can use both tin-lead and silver and copper-zinc solders. The latter are not recommended for brazing high tin alloys.


Wide assortment and variety of surfaces extends the scope of bronze items. Nowadays almost any bronze items, both standard and non-standard parameters are produced. The variety of grades, allows choosing the best price/quality ratio. The quality of the surface is directly dependent on the way the material is finished. Note the increased quality of modern surface finishing. As a reminder, in addition to grinding (it has been used recently as a preparatory operation), it can be polishing, electric polishing, and electro-hydrotreatment. When using these methods, the lowest possible roughness value is achieved. Special technology of belt polishing (the use of in-line belt machines) can significantly reduce the cost, which makes the products in the eyes of consumers even more attractive, allows them to return to their presentable appearance. As a rule, for polishing a sisaltic wheel and grinding or polishing paste are used.


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