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Flexible insulated copper busbar


Insulated copper bars are unique in that they do not take up much space, easy to install, used in conditions of high humidity, it does not corrode and the influence of other negative factors. that is very practical. Widely used in all cases where you need more flexibility. Insulation prevents the influence of external factors on the busbar. Thus reliability, safety and improved appearance of electrical circuits are ensured. The assembly process becomes much simpler, facilitating the disassembly or connection of individual parts. Widely used for earthing connection from installed in cubicle devices as well as for connection to external earthing.


Insulated copper busbars consist of a copper core or several conductive copper plates surrounded by insulation of PVC material. The conductive element is classified by the thickness of the copper plate (B), the width of the plate (A) and their number in the wire (N).


Insulated copper bars have a number of advantages that ensure the reliable operation of electrical equipment. There is a smaller cross-section for the same amperage. Therefore, about one-fifth of space is saved compared to conventional cable. Such busbars can be spaced a short distance apart without the risk of shorting. The insulated copper busbar has contact pads. No terminal clips are required with this design, which saves installation effort and expense. Insulated copper bars are convenient to use. The insulation is the same thickness in all areas of the bus bar, even in the bends. This provides a high degree of safety as it prevents the influence of various external factors. Such bars have a long service life, do not deteriorate with time and, therefore, do not require frequent replacements.


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