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Chrome in heat-resistant steel

Ferritic steel

Chromium in the composition of heat-resistant ferritic steels significantly increases their oxidation resistance. However, the effect of Cr is less effective than that of molybdenum, titanium and vanadium. Ferritic steels containing chromium improve properties such as creep resistance, long-term strength, recrystallization temperature and self-diffusion activation energy. Also, chromium, when tempering deformed austenite, allows its crystal lattice distortions to be preserved. The effect of chromium on the heat resistance of ferritic steel also depends on the presence of other alloying elements.

Austenitic steel

Chromium changes the crystalline lattice of the y-solid solution. In particular the atomic bonding energy of austenitic steels increases and the heat resistance and recrystallization temperature improve. The maximum heat resistance was achieved with the introduction of 15% chromium. Strengthening of austenitic steels occurs due to the formation of carbon-carbide series of chromium, which are released in the y-solid solution during aging and hardening. However, the hardening level decreases in proportion to increasing operating temperature, due to coagulation of chromium carbides, due to the low resistance of chromium carbides to heating. Therefore, chromium alloying in austenitic steels is not the most effective way to increase their heat resistance.

Highly alloyed steel

Chromium can be used to modify the solubility of the 'y-phase in nickel, titanium and aluminum steel alloys. Thus, dispersion hardening of these alloys is achieved. However, this result is not always observed. Thus, in the case of using a significant amount of chromium for rolling high-alloyed heat-resistant steel, the formation of ferritic elements occurs, which dramatically reduces the heat-resistant properties of the alloy. Thanks to the optimization of production, high-alloys can be bought today at an optimal price.


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