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Molybdenum in heat-resistant steel

Effect of molybdenum

The presence of molybdenum in ferritic, austenitic steels and nickel alloys inhibits the softening of y-hard solutions and increases their recrystallization temperature. In this case, the more molybdenum is introduced into the alloy, the higher is the activation energy of chromium and self-diffusion of iron. In addition, both short-term and long-term tests have shown that increasing the heat resistance when alloyed with molybdenum increases the ductility of the alloys. Also, molybdenum in significantly increases the heat resistance of dispersion-hardened intermetallide or carbide-hardened alloys. Thanks to production optimization, high-alloys can now be purchased at an optimum price.

Dispersion hardening

Increasing the effect of molybdenum on the heat resistant properties of alloy steels can be achieved through the simultaneous introduction of several elements into the alloy, including those that cause dispersion hardening. In this case there is a hindrance of diffusion exchange, recrystallization and coagulation of dispersed particles, which at high temperatures allows molybdenum to slow down the hardening of the alloy. Therefore, alloys alloyed with molybdenum have higher hardness values than others. It is worth noting that molybdenum has little effect on the mechanical properties of the alloy, as well as the absolute hardness increase parameter at room temperature. There is only a slight shift in the maximum hardness of the dispersion hardening. And that is only when the operating temperature is increased.


Molybdenum also has a positive effect on nickel and iron heat resistant intermetallide hardened alloys. Molybdenum is able to form bonds that further increase the heat resistance of the alloys through dispersion hardening processes.


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