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Processing and production of heat-resistant steel and alloys

Technical characteristics

Iron, nickel and cobalt are used as the basis of heat resistant alloys. Heat resistant steel has high hardening rate, corrosion resistance, high strength and hardness at high temperature. These chromium-nickel and chromium-nickel-manganese-based alloys are used in many industries: for gas turbines, boiler parts, jet engine parts and other parts that are used when working at high temperatures. In the segment of heat-resistant steels and alloys. auremo is a profitable supplier.

Alloying and marking

All types of stainless steel products contain a basic percentage of chromium (at least 10.5%). Components such as molybdenum or nickel are added to increase corrosion resistance, and cobalt, molybdenum or tungsten are added to increase heat resistance. Yet the chromium content is the decisive factor in determining the quality of stainless steel. The alloying elements are designated by the following letters:B for niobium, G (or Mg) for manganese, W for tungsten, E for copper, K for cobalt, E for selenium, M for molybdenum, H for Nickel, P for cerium, S for silicon, T for titanium, P for phosphorus, F for vanadium, X for chromium, Z for zirconium, U for aluminum. If the letter is not followed by a number, the content of this element is less than 1%... The letter, A means the minimum content of harmful impurities: sulfur and phosphorus. The number before the beginning of the abbreviation reflects the carbon content in hundredths of a percent. For example, alloy 12Cr2H4A has 0.12% carbon, 2% chromium, and 4% nickel. Often stainless steel is replaced by carbon steel that has a protective coating.

Tooling treatment of heat resisting steels

High-speed steels are used for tooling of heat-resistant steels. Tool steels are resistant to high temperatures (redness), do not lose their hardness (63-70 HRC) even during heating up to 600-700°C, all this makes them irreplaceable for manufacturing of great number of tools used in metal working. In the manufacture of cutting elements of electric planer drums, blades of jointer and other types of lathe cutters, "square" high-speed cutters are often used. "Circle" is used for finger cutters, circular cutters, taps, drills, circular saws, scales and similar cutters.


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