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High-frequency welding


Welding with high-frequency currents, is most often used for the manufacture of welded stainless steel tubes of small and medium diameters. Supplier "Auremo" offers to buy high quality products that meet GOST and international standards.

High-frequency welding

High-frequency welding has a number of advantages:

- Making pipes from a variety of steel grades - alloyed, high-alloy, carbon, as well as non-ferrous metals, on the same welding equipment
- Minimum power consumption.
- It is possible to achieve high welding speed - up to 2-2,5 m/s without loss of weld quality.
- The use of the initial blanks of different materials and getting sufficiently strong weld.

Contact method

Maximum current, which is concentrated on the surface of the edges, causes rapid heating. When the edges are brought closer together by the rollers compressing the weld, forming a welding gauge, the current density increases. At the point where the edges converge, the temperature is maximum. Convergence of the heated edges and compression leads to the formation of the weld. If the diameter of the stainless steel pipe is minimal, the bypass current heats the entire perimeter, which leads to the need to increase the input power for welding. The disadvantage of contact current input is that the workpiece can only be used with a high surface finish. But even in this case, contact wear, vertical edge oscillations, surface changes are inevitable and lead to a violation of the welding regime, reduced productivity. In this case, welding can lead to burn-through of the pipe.

Induction method

Eddy currents in the metal are excited with the help of ring inductors. According to the diameter of stainless steel pipes, external inductors are installed, and if the pipe is thicker than 200 mm - and internal. Induction currents are concentrated at the end edges. The higher the magnetic permeability, the higher the current strength and heating of the steel. Advantages and disadvantages. The induction method is good because regardless of the surface of the workpiece, it provides a stable supply of energy, as well as high quality of the weld. This advantage has made the induction method the most in demand.

Power supply and frequency

TESA inductors are powered by both lamp-based generators (up to 450 thousand Hz) and machine-based generators (10 thousand Hz). When welding pipes made of steel and nickel alloys up to Ø 100 mm, select a frequency of 450 kHz, brass alloys - 70 kHz. When welding steel pipes, Ø>200 mm, with walls of 6-20 mm reduce the frequency to 10 kHz for deeper heating. The welding speed is reduced to 0.5-1 m/s in order to bring the heating to the melting point of the weld. The presence of oxides, in particular refractory ones, requires up to 1600 kW for welding medium-diameter pipes. High-frequency welding allows the application of different welding modes - one of the important advantages of the method.


High-frequency welding leads to the formation of both external and internal burr up to 60% of the pipe wall thickness. It is considered to be a significant disadvantage. Outer burr is removed with the help of a burr remover, which is installed in the line of the mill. The formation of internal burrs is prevented by shaping the edges, either by cutting or rolling and burning. This results in a higher quality and wider range of applications for the finished tubes. Internal grate cutters with a single cutter for continuous cutting are the most applicable. However, the need for frequent cutter changes and the necessity to stop for this purpose makes their use only in the production of limited batches of high quality pipes practical.


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