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Welding features of stainless steel 12X18n10t

Welding technology

For welding structures made of chromium-nickel alloys argon-arc welding with a tungsten electrode is the most widely used. Welding of stainless steel 12X18n10t with tungsten electrode and direct current of direct polarity guarantees a high quality of the weld. As an exception, argon-arc welding with a flaming electrode is also used.


When welding structures made of nickel alloys, electrodes (European, domestic or international standard) are used. The electrodes are usually made from tungsten, because the features of refractory metals provide maximum reliability of welding joints due to high welding temperature. Each electrode is color-coded to avoid confusion. Auremo supplier provides the highest quality electrodes


Tungsten electrodes are manufactured according to GOST 23 949-80. Tungsten-carbide electrodes conform to GOST 21 448-75, they are both round (with parameters from 0,5 to 3x40 mm) and flat (4x2x40, 1,5x2x40, 1,5x3x40). Characteristics of tungsten carbide electrodes provide excellent operating resistance and high thermal stability of the welding arc.


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