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Tungsten and lead bronze

Tungsten and lead bronze

Lead Bronze

BrS60H2.5 It is used for production of cast parts for bearings and shaped castings. Due to low strength lead bronze is used for bushings and bearings as thin layer on steel base. The main characteristics are: high strength, resistance to shock loads, -resistance to vibration, -excellent antifriction properties, wear resistance, resistance to corrosion. Lead bronzes are soldered with fluxes used in soldering of tin bronzes. Soldering joints should be fluxed very carefully, because the lead oxides formed on the surface can prevent solder from flowing into the gap.

Tungsten Bronze

The generic name "tungsten bronzes" refers to the products of partial reduction of some tungstones of alkali, alkaline earth metals. They are well crystallized substances with a pronounced metallic luster, colored in different colors (blue, red, yellow, etc.) depending on the production technology. Their high resistance to technological factors allows the use of these substances in the printing industry for the production of beautiful, high-quality inks.


Golden tungsten bronze has the composition of Na2 O WO2 WO3, and blue - Na2 O WO2 4WO3; purple and violet occupy an intermediate position - the ratio of WO3 to WO2 in them less than four. As can be seen from the formulas, these substances do not contain copper, zinc, or tin, so, strictly speaking, they are not bronzes. They are not alloys at all, as there are no purely metallic compounds: and the constituent metals are oxidized. They resemble bronze, however, not only by their color and luster, but also by their good workability, resistance to chemical reagents and excellent electrical conductivity. Strictly speaking, tungsten bronzes are a range of materials from the semiconductor group. The color of the products can vary depending on the composition of the compound. The use of tungsten bronze in industry is very limited.


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