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Brass thick-walled pipe

Polished pipe Thick-walled pipe Dcrnm pipe


Thick-walled brass pipe is designed to work under high pressure. Used in water and gas systems for industrial and domestic purposes. It is resistant to the action of chlorinated water, it does not rust, on its wall does not form lime deposits, it is extremely growth in installation and operation. Produced by cold-deformed method. Failure-free operation of such pipes is more than half a century. Another purpose - heating systems.


Thick-walled brass pipe is made of widespread alloys of L63 or L70 grade. Such pipes are very technologically advanced, easy to install, much lighter than steel pipes. Mechanical strength of semi-solid brass pipe of L63 grade (according to GOST 21 646 - 2003) ѕv = 340 MPa, d5 35%. Thick-walled brass pipe is distinguished by plasticity, wear resistance, it is available for any type of machining: soldering, low-temperature welding. Such pipes look very attractive, are not prone to corrosion cracking, are cheaper than similar copper pipes

Expands the range of application

Wide assortment and variety of surfaces and cross-sections of brass thick-walled pipes. Nowadays pipes of practically any cross-section, both standard and non-standard parameters are produced according to special order. A variety of grades, allows you to choose the best price-quality ratio. High plasticity of a number of grades allows wide use in mass production of volume stamping.


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