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Brass applications

Technical characteristics

The extensive field of application of brass in industry is associated with a number of advantages of this alloy. Brass has high strength and corrosion resistance. It demonstrates excellent antifriction qualities and wear resistance. At the same time it is manufacturable, available to any type of machining, has a small specific weight. Its price is very reasonable.


Brass certified quality is an excellent material for a wide range of tasks. In Ukraine the composition and application of brass in industry are determined by GOST regulations. The same standards provide an appropriate marking for each type of alloy, depending on how it was processed and its chemical composition. For example, two-component wrought brass alloys of such grades as L96, L90, L85, L80, L63 and L60, as well as multi-component are used in mechanical engineering. Production of devices and units for apparatuses is not the only sphere of brass applications. It is used with equal success in railway transport, construction, automotive industry and shipbuilding. Thus, details of critical application suitable for operation under conditions of temperature up to +300°C are produced of ЛЦ40МцЖЗ grade. Brass has proven itself very well in food industry and jewelry.

Expands the scope of application

Nowadays almost any kind of brass products, both standard and non-standard according to special order, are produced. Expands the scope of application with a wide range and variety of surfaces — brushed, polished, mirror finish. A variety of brands, allows you to choose the best value for money. First of all it is about mechanical and chemical resistance. High plasticity of a number of grades allows wide use in mass production of flat and volumetric punching.


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