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Brass welding technology

Soldering brass Welding brass

Technical characteristics

Brass is an alloy that contains from 55 to 75% copper and zinc. Specialty brass grades contain small amounts of aluminum, manganese, tin, silicon and other elements. The main difficulty in welding brass is zinc burn-out, because zinc starts to boil at 905 °C and evaporates intensively. When oxidized in the air, zinc fumes precipitate as a white deposit in the welding area.

The electrodes

Brass welding is carried out by the same methods that are used for welding copper - usually using cast or pressed brass bars of LC-grade, which contain, in addition to zinc and copper, silicon. Brass filler rods contain the same amount of copper as the base metal. Silicon content should not exceed 3%. Welding is recommended in semi-vertical or horizontal position with direct current of reverse polarity for electrode Ø 6 mm, with 200÷225 A current.

Welding optimization

In order to obtain a weld metal close to the base metal composition, the electrode rods are used with the same composition as the base metal. Two layers of coating are applied to such rods. The following composition is used as the first coating layer with thickness from 0.2 to 0.3 mm: manganese ore - 30%, ferromanganese - 15%, titanium concentrate - 30%, potassium sulfate - 5%, chalk - 20%. The presence of silicon in the filler rods reduces zinc burnout, and the use of flux protects the molten metal from oxidation.


When welding brass it is necessary to use fluxes in the form of a mixture of the following composition: sodium chloride - 12.5%, potassium chloride - 50%, charcoal - 2.5%, cryolite - 35%. Also boron slag can be used as a flux.


Defects formed on parts made of brass LMZS-58-2-2 are welded after careful preparation. In order to reduce allocation of zinc oxide defects welding for brass castings of LMts-58-2 and LMtsS-58-2-2 grades, which contain 58% of copper, 2% of lead, and 2% of manganese is performed using OB-5 electrodes.

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