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Bronze brazing

Welding bronze Bronze brazing

Technical Characteristics

Tin bronze is soldered with silver, copper-zinc and tin-lead solders. It is undesirable to braze high tin bronze with copper-zinc solder because of the proximity of the melting temperature of the solder and the melting temperature of the base metal. Soldering of tin bronze is carried out by any known methods: by gas-flame torches, soldering iron, heating by HFC, contact heating, in furnaces with controlled atmosphere, in salt baths. In this case, the heating of parts should be carried out gradually, since the base metal at a high rate of heating is prone to brittleness.

Lead Bronze

Solder lead with fluxes used for soldering of tin bronze. The soldering joints must be fluxed very carefully, because the lead oxide formed on the surface can prevent solder from flowing into the gap.

Manganese Bronze

Soldering with phosphoric acid. High-temperature brazing of manganese bronzes is made with the use of fluxes, which contain fluorides and fluoroborates of alkali metals.

Beryllium bronze

It is much more difficult to braze than other copper alloys; it is necessary to use silver solder with flux immediately after mechanical stripping.

Copper-nickel alloys

Copper-nickel alloys can be brazed with any solder and method, including pure copper. Brazing with copper in a controlled atmosphere furnace, is done at high heating rates, since the base metal dissolves in the brazing solder when brazing for a long time, greatly reducing the strength of the weld.

Aluminium Bronze

Widely used in mechanical engineering. To avoid oxidation and formation of brittle intermetallides, such bronze should be brazed at the seam using fast heating methods. The addition of nickel to the solder increases the strength and ductility of aluminum bronze joints.

Other types of bronzes

Simple bronzes (double copper alloys with aluminum) and more complex bronzes with iron, manganese, nickel and other elements are used in many different industries. Oxide film is formed on the surface of silicon and aluminum bronze, which is difficult to remove with conventional fluxes. Before brazing, it is necessary to treat the product in hydrofluoric or hydrofluoric acid.


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