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Special stainless steel tube


Special stainless steel pipe embodies reliability, durability, excellent aesthetic qualities. Special stainless pipe is an absolute guarantee of undesirable leaks of aggressive media in industrial plants or water from domestic utilities. The use of stainless thin-walled or thick-walled pipe makes it possible to vary the weight of the construction. The relative disadvantage of such pipes is their high cost. But given the reliability and durability of such a price seems more than justified. Consider below the use of the most popular pipe grades.


Tube grade 08CrN28MDT can be used in petrochemical production, synthesis columns,.in demand for chemical equipment operating in boiling acids (except 55% phosphoric acid and acetic acid).


This alloy is used to produce nearly 70% of stainless steel tubes. Optimal alloying makes it easy to weld such pipes without pre-treatment and final heat treatment of the seam. They are widely used by food, medicine, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy and shipbuilding industries.


Heat-resistant pipe 10Х23Н18 of austenitic complex-alloy steel is the basis of parts of combustion chambers, steam generators and boilers, fragments of heat exchangers, operating at t ° up to 1100 ° C.

Tubes 10Х23Н18 GOST σB δ5
MPa %
Cold-deformed 9941-81 529 35
Hot-formed 9940-81 491 37

σB - ultimate short-term strength;

δ5 - relative elongation at break;


Stainless steel pipe 12Х18Н10Т is one of the most popular in the rolled steel sector. Seamless pipes of this brand can be used in contact with aggressive environment for a long time. They serve as the basis for heat-exchange fixtures, muffles, details of slotted furnaces, etc.


Special stainless pipe 20Х23Н18 В finds the widest application in chemical, transport and food industries. It is used for laying pipelines of heating systems, domestic water supply. Steel 20X23H18 B has no effect on the chemical composition of running water, so it is used not only for industrial boilers and pipelines, but also for drinking water. Seamless tubes of this grade are resistant in contact with aggressive environment. They serve as a base for heat-exchange fixtures, combustion chambers and other furnace equipment, which works at temperatures up to 1050 °C.


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