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Calibrating and cutting stainless steel pipe


Calibration is carried out in mills that contain 3-4 two-roll stands with horizontally driven rolls and alternating non-transferable stands with vertical rolls. Mills for larger sizes include 3-4 four-roll stands with driven horizontal rolls. Immediately behind the mill, a non-transferable four-roller straight stand produces ovality removal in conjunction with straightening.


Cutting is generally carried out with circular knives fixed on a cage revolving around the tube. The blades come into contact with each other during the cutting process. Pipes are separated with pipe cutters or breakers. Breaking devices are used in mills for large sizes. In order to obtain a better quality of pipe ripping, an inductor is installed, which heats up the narrow annular zones of the pipes at the point of rupture.

Tube electric welding mills

The performance of these mills depends on the different types of pipes being produced and the welding procedure used. Capacity of different mills varies from 1 thousand to 1 million tons per year. Metal consumption ratio is 1.04-1.09, with the corresponding specific power consumption.


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