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Special stainless steel sheet


Today, industry can not do without stainless steel sheet. It is used in mechanical engineering, motor construction, power engineering, automotive industry, heat engineering. Metallurgy, chemical production today need high-strength heat-resistant sheet, resistant to aggressive environment. And medicine, food and textile industry uses alloyed steel, which is characterized by biological inertness. Stainless steel is easy to use, has high wear resistance, long time does not require repair or replacement, easily subjected to any processing, does not require protective coating.


Production is regulated by GOST 5582-75, 19 904-74 (thin sheet); GOST 7350-77, 19 904-74 and 19 903-74 (thick sheet). Rolled steel goes through several technological steps aimed at improving the strength properties and durability. The thickness of cold-rolled sheet - 0.4-5 mm, hot-rolled - 2-50 mm.


Special stainless sheets are divided into decorative (etched), brushed, polished (mirror), matt, oxidized and others. According to the accuracy of rolling, sheets are divided into: A - increased and B - normal accuracy. According to flatness: PO - especially high flatness, HV - high and PN - normal. General purpose steel sheets have 2 degrees of flatness - G (deep) and H (normal); and 3 degrees of surface quality. Cold-rolled steel sheets for cold-forming have 4 grades of quality. Perforated or corrugated stainless steel sheets are supplied in flat sheets or (for thicknesses up to 4 mm) in coils.

Features of the structure

When the remarkable properties of stainless steels are used, it is also taken into account that in technological processing they differ greatly from conventional carbon alloys. This can be explained by the peculiarities of their metastable structure, which has a number of differences. In conventional carbon ("black") steels usually achieves a stable alloy structure. The presence of chromium, nickel, titanium and other alloying components in the steel provides high resistance to oxidation.


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