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Capillary stainless steel pipe


Capillary stainless pipe has high corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, biological inertness, durability. Chemical resistance allows the use of capillary stainless pipe in an aggressive environment. The greatest resistance are alloyed alloys containing a high percentage of nickel, copper, molybdenum and silicon. Grade of alloy with the required set of qualities is selected depending on the concentration of aggressive factor, temperature, other conditions.


Capillary stainless steel pipe is normally manufactured according to GOST 14 162-79. Capillary stainless pipe comes in hardfaced and soft. They are supplied in a certain length (measured, nominal) or in coils by agreement with a customer.

Length marking Length, mm Length tolerance
measured Not more than 4000 ±15 mm
out of measure Over 300
multiple of length Not more than 4000 with 5 mm allowance for each time ±15 mm
in coils Up to 160 meters

At the customer's request the multiples are manufactured in lengths not exceeding 7 meters. Tubes are standardized according to wall thickness and outside diameter.

Standardization Outer diameter, mm Admissible deviation in diameter
in wall thickness, inside diameter, outside diameter above 0.6 Outer diameter, marginal deviation - up to 0,01 mm.
inside, outside diameter not more than 0.6 In outside diameter - of increased accuracy - In wall thickness - of standard accuracy. - with one-sided limit deviation by wall thickness, outside diameter

The value of one-sided deviation limit is allowed within the limits of the sum of maximum deviations. In 1 meter section, curvature of pipe shall not exceed 3 mm.

Scope of application

Food, chemical, medical industry. The tubes are made of chromium-nickel alloys 06Х18Н10Т, 12Х18Н10Т, 09Х18Н10Т (with ∅ 0,3 - 5 mm, with wall thickness 0,1 - 0,3 mm) according to GOST 14 162-79; TU14-3-972-79 are used in electronic engineering, medicine, instrumentation, as well as for pipelines (gas and liquid) in aircraft industry and for parts of special application.

Tubes GOST, TU layers diameter, mm wall thickness Designation
stainless steel especially thin-walled 10 498-82, 9941-81, 14-3-219-74, 14-3-894-79, 14-3-379-75, 14-3-501-76, 14-3-691-78. 4 - 102 0,08 - 1,8 Instrumentation, structures in nuclear, aerospace, aviation industries.
Stainless thin-walled with high surface quality requirements 19 277-73, 14-3-197-89, 14-3-760-78, 14-3-796-81, 14-3-550-90, 14-3-769-78, 14-3-770-78, 14-3-1462-87, 14-3-1070-81, 14-159-255-95 5 - 76 0,3 - 5 Constructions of stop valves and reactor core, nuclear reactor cooling circuits and heat exchangers, oil and fuel lines of aviation equipment
Heat resisting stainless nickel based materials 14-8-37-2001, 14-3-571-77, 14-3-946-80 5 - 76 0,3 - 3 Structural elements and pipelines operating in aviation equipment at elevated temperatures, in acid-alkali aggressive environments, in the lines for the production of mineral fertilizers, varnishes, paints, etc.
Particularly thin-walled multi-layer pipes 14-3-1318-85


2- 6


2- 6:
16; 28,

38; 48,

0,15- 0,16


high sensitivity instrumentation (bellows), connecting hoses in space and aviation equipment
stainless thin-walled special purpose 14-3-310-74, 14-3-822-79, 14-3-1711-90 14-3-1797-91 4 - 120 1,0 - 1,5
Ribbed and especially thin-walled of PT-7M, PT-1M titanium alloys




8 - 80,

7 - 48,

four ribbed, p. 13x1,5
0,6 - 1,0

1,5 - 2,0
Power units and units of aircraft, ships, chemical engineering - pipelines and structural elements.
pure nickel NP-1A-ID 14-3-1591-84 25 - 76 1,0 - 5,0. Caustic soda production
Capillary of nickel-based alloys 14 162-79, 14-3-972-79 0,3 - 5 0,1 - 0,3 Medical and electronic industry, instrument making.


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