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Savings on fahrli

Saving on Fehrali (letter)

We present to your attention EUROPHEHRALS. They are of high quality due to production by new world technologies, from primary raw materials with the addition of rare-earth metals. Until recently the outdated technology of fechrals production forced the domestic consumers to use mostly expensive alloys with high content of nickel such as Cr20Ni80-H and Cr15Ni60-H. Today, most consumers in Western Europe have long enjoyed the advantage of EUROPHEHRALES. With the average price of nichrome 270.0 UAH / kg in the autumn of 2008, your savings by using 1 ton of fehralsa is 270 000 - 34 000 UAH with NSD = 236 000 hryvnia

Advantages of fehrals

  • Low price (3-4 times lower than the cost of nichrome).
  • High temperature of operation - up to 1300 °C, against 1200 °C for C20H80-H.
  • Low density of Eurofehrals - 7.2 g/cm3 vs. 8.4 g/cm3 of Nichrome, which saves up to 17% on weight.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in air, oxidizing environments, vacuum, argon, sulfur-containing, carbon-containing environments.
  • High yield strength that allows the use of wire of smaller diameter (due to the smaller change in cross-sectional area during coiling).
  • High resistivity - 1.37 Ohm-mm2/m versus 1.12 for Cr20N80-H.

We provide a sample for testing. Commercial Director of Auremo supplier ________________________ Y.A. Govorin

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