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The new GS SY superfahrals

Ferrule is melted from chromium, iron and aluminum. The name reflects its main components: ferrum is "fe", chromium is "chr" and aluminum is "al". The basic component is iron. Its share in the alloy is usually over 70 percent. The composition is further alloyed with manganese and silicon, with the possible addition of nickel. Each ferrule grade has a letter-number designation, which depends on the content of the basic elements.

Advantages of GS SY

High electrical resistance of 1.2 - 1.3 Ohmxmm2/m is combined with a high melting point (1500°C). The relatively low density (7.2 g/cm³) makes the alloy 17% lighter than nichrome. The use of cheap aluminum instead of expensive nickel makes the alloy 6 times cheaper than nichrome. Fechral is characterized by corrosion resistance in a vacuum, aggressive environments (carbon-containing, sulfuric, oxidizing), and in the air. The alloy's Achilles heel is its brittleness, which makes it difficult to produce thin ribbons and wires.

Ferrule grades

The most popular grades are X15Yu5, X23Yu5T and X23Yu5. The latter alloy is most commonly used for strip production, and X23Yu5T for wire production. Kanthal D (X21Yu) contains 73.2% Fe; 22% Cr; 4.8% Al, t° of melting 1500°C. International names: Kanthal D, Eurofehral, Megapyr, Alchrome DK, Alloy 815, Resistohm 135, Aluchrom 5, GS SY. Delivery of similar ferrules grades is possible: OCr15Al5, OCr27Al7Mo2, OCr21Al6Nb, FeCrAl+Y.

Alloy designation by mode of use. The grades for the heating elements are marked H; for tubular electric heaters - TEN; for resistance units - C.

GS SY grade production.

The production cost is 6 times lower than that of nichrome. The reason is the replacement of expensive nickel by cheaper aluminum and iron. GS SY wire is produced by pressing, drawing or rolling. The finished product is coiled or wound into a coil. GS SY strip is produced by rolling or electrolysis, after which it is rolled to coils.

Chemical composition (%)

Alloy Ni Cr C Mn Ti Al Fe
X27YU7M ≤0.60 22.0-24.0 ≤0.05 ≤0.30 0.2-0.5 5.00-5.80 Rest
X21Y6B ≤0.60 21.5-23.5 ≤0.05 ≤0.30 0.15-0.40 4.60-5.30 Rest
X21Y4 ≤0.60 13.5-15.5 ≤0.08 ≤0.70 0.2-0.6 4.00-5.50 Rest

Physical properties of GS SY Fehral

Alloy Elongation at break (%) Tensile strength N/mm2 Density g/cm3 Maximum continuous operating temperature (°C) Electrical resistivity (Ωmm2/m) Melting Point (°C) Coefficient of linear expansion (αx10-6/°C) Thermal conductivity (KJ/m*h*°C) Service life, h
X21U4 '12 590-690 7.15 750 1.30 ±0.05 1500 15.8 52.4 '4 000
X21Y6B '12 580-680 7.40 650 1.25 ±0.05 1450 15,4 52.7 580-680
X27J7M '12 630-780 7.25 1250 1.35 ±0.05 1500 15.0 60.2 '4 000


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