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Fehral applications

Fehrals have an electrical resistance of 1.2 - 1.30 μOhm-m2/m and a melting point of 1450-1500°C. The density of the alloy is 7.1 - 7.2 g/cm3, which makes it 17 - 18% lighter than nichrome. The alloy varieties have their own markings, depending on the proportion of the main components.

X15U5 (15% Cr, 5% Al), density 7.1 g/cm3, working t° 750-950°C. It is used in the production of industrial electric heaters, powerful resistors and resistance elements. International names for X15Yu5: Aluchrom 0, Kanthal A1, Resistohm 145, Aluchrom 875, Eurofahl. Manufacturers can use their own markings, but they always indicate the name according to the world standards. You can see additional letters in the designation of brands: TEN - tubular electric heaters; H - alloy of heating elements; C - alloy of resistance units.

X27Yu5T (27% Cr, 5% Al, up to 1% Ti) operating t ° 1300-1350 ° C. Usage - heaters of industrial electric furnaces.

X23Yu5T (23% Cr, 5% Al, up to 1% Ti) operating t ° 750-950 ° C melting point around 1450 ° C. The disadvantages are the general property of FeChrals - brittleness and low plasticity.

GS23-5 (X23Yu5T-N-Vi) is an optimized version of the alloy X23Yu5T. Additional alloying agents significantly improve its plasticity, which greatly facilitates the winding of spirals. Working t ° 1300-1350 ° C.

GS T (X23YU5-N-Vi) is used in electric heaters of industrial furnaces and other electrical appliances of thermal action including household. Serves for the manufacture of tubular electric heaters (TEN).

Megapir-150. Usage - the manufacture of resistive elements in electric furnaces and various electrical devices of thermal action.

Megapir-200. Usage - production of resistive elements, high-temperature electric heaters of industrial furnaces and various electrical heat-activated apparatus.


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