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Brass production

Technical characteristics

Brass is smelted in the same types of furnaces as copper. The most expedient way of production is melting in induction electric low-frequency furnaces with a magnetic core. Smelting of brass in electric arc furnaces is considered less desirable. When melting copper-zinc alloys should consider the low boiling point of zinc and the fact that it is the most oxidized of all other components of the alloy.

Melting technology

Production of brass from recycled waste and fresh metals in an industrial frequency induction furnace with a magnetic core should be carried out in accordance with the recommended technological sequence. If recycled metals are used, the order of loading the charge into the furnace is of little importance. If there is pure metal in the charge, copper is loaded and melted first, and then the negotiable metals. Pre-heated to a temperature of 100-120 ° C, lead and zinc are introduced into the melt at the very end. In any case, melting is carried out under a layer of charcoal, loaded with the initial batch of charge into the furnace. In order to increase the fluidity of the brass, copper or phosphorus is added as a ligature before casting.

Smelting of silicon brass

Silicon-lead or silicon brass is produced under a cover flux - borax or glass. Silicon brass tend to absorb reducing gases, and therefore their melting under a layer of charcoal and in a reducing atmosphere is prohibited. In smelting such brass, copper is loaded into the heated furnace first, and after it has melted, waste and copper-silicon ligature are loaded. Lead and zinc are loaded last, after the slag has been removed from the melt. The melt is thoroughly stirred, brought to the required pouring temperature, and then poured.

Melting of manganese brass

Melting of such brass is done in a neutral or weakly acidic atmosphere under a cover of charcoal or broken glass flux. Manganese is introduced into the melt with the alloys after all the other constituents of the charge have melted.


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