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Stainless Steel Angle Applications


New ideas in decoration and architecture are constantly demanding original materials. Today metal is more and more often used for finishing interiors and facades of buildings. The most popular alloy is stainless steel, because it has an aesthetic appearance and the highest performance qualities: resistance to corrosion, temperature fluctuations, strength, durability, reliability, unpretentiousness in operation. Stainless steel in combination with stone, glass and wood create original masterpieces of high-tech style. Supplier "Auremo" guarantees the high quality of products in accordance with GOST and international standards.

Application of stainless angle

Stainless angle is used for the construction of stair floors, where also used perforated or corrugated sheets. Stainless steel perfectly combines with granite and marble steps. In addition to excellent decorative qualities, it has high strength. Stair construction of such material will be reliable and durable. Polished, mirror corners, "gold" processed with titanium nitride, perfectly combined with any other material. The surface can be treated by polishing, etching or grinding, depending on the designers' requirements. For example, a smooth surface is desirable for a kitchen set, and stainless steel mirror corners are perfect for high-tech interiors.


The surface of the stainless corner should be smooth, without any scratches or roughness. The edges should be smooth, without irregularities and burrs. Ground steel has a metallic luster, and brushed steel has a hardly noticeable metallic shine.


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