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About Stainless Steel Circle


Stainless steel rounds are made from hot or cold-rolled alloyed steel. The marking of a circle according to the accuracy of manufacturing. For example, A means high accuracy, marking B means increased accuracy, and C means normal accuracy. Circle curvature can be of class I or II. The most popular are stainless circles Ø 1-300 mm. Also, the circle may be coated, forged and stamped.

Circle production

To produce a stainless steel circle, grades that lend themselves well to hot forging are used. After the steel has passed the forging stage, it is cooled in the air. If it is quenched in cold water, the strain strength increases. The more ductile grades of stainless steel are used for flat-rolled steel. These steels are well available for bending, drawing and stamping. Stainless steels are usually welded by arc welding in a protective atmosphere. Chromium-nickel, austenitic additives are used if necessary.


The composition of stainless steel can vary depending on operational requirements. In order to test its qualities, a stainless steel circle is subjected to tests, such as long boiling in alkali or acid and subjecting it to deformation stresses. It is worth noting that even if the product is placed in boiling water for 6 hours, the surface of the stainless circle will not change in any way. Operating circles at temperatures from 700 ° to 800 ° C, leads to the formation of scale. Even above 500ºC, rapid heat may produce scale-like symptoms.


Stainless steel circles are used in food processing, mechanical engineering, construction and apparatus engineering, as well as in households. They are also used in fasteners, ends of closed pipes, parts of containers, in architecture and sculpture. The modern automotive industry is not without stainless steel circles. Finishing elements, rim pieces and all sorts of small parts are made of them.


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