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Brass and Brass Alloys Applications

Brass and Brass Alloys Applications


The virtues of brass contribute to the steady, planned growth of its consumption in all industries. This metal is in demand almost everywhere - from the production of door handles and clock gears to the manufacture of the most complex heat exchangers in the energy industry. As brass production increases, so does the need for the copper and zinc required to produce it. With brass, the cost of corrosion control is significantly reduced. It is a modern material that finds very wide application due to its high ductility and strength combined with aesthetic appeal.

LWMC 59-1-1 and LWMC 60-1-1.

These deformable grades have high corrosion resistance in humid atmosphere, sea and fresh water and are used in shipbuilding industry.

LO62-1 and LO70-1.

These tin-alloyed grades have the highest resistance to seawater. They are called sea brass. They are used in shipbuilding. Profiles, pipes, instrument cases and fasteners are made of these grades.

LS 59

Brass LS59 (automatic) is supplied in bars. This grade is used for producing fasteners and profiles that are made on automatic machines.

Foundry grades.

These grades contain a variety of special alloys which improve their foundry properties. They have better corrosion resistance, increased strength and antifriction properties. They are used in the manufacture of complex shaped structural parts in transport engineering and a wide variety of fittings.


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Wrought double brasses

Mark Scope of usage
Л85 Instrument casings, fragments of chemical and thermal equipment, bellows, coils, etc.
L96, L90 Instrument cases, fragments of chemical and heat engineering equipment, bellows, coils, etc.
Л80 Devices housings, fragments of chemical and heat engineering equipment, bellows, coils, etc.
Л68 Forged products
Л70 Chemical equipment casings
Л60 Tubes, thick-walled pipes, nuts.
Л63 Bolts, nuts, condenser tubes.

Deformable multi-part brasses

Mark Scope of application
LAF60-1-1 .
LA77-2 Condenser tubes for ships
LAS59-3-2 Naval shipbuilding, chemical equipment, electrical engineering.
LN65-5 Condenser and manometer tubes
LJMa59-1-1 Bearing shells, aircraft construction, marine industry.
LMZ58-2 Bolts, nuts, fittings
ЛO90-1 Condenser pipe for heating equipment
LMZA57-3-1 Parts of river and sea vessels
ЛO62-1 Condenser pipe for heating equipment
ЛO70-1 Condenser pipe for heating equipment
LO60-1 Condenser tube for heating equipment
LS74-3 Sleeves, clock parts
LS63-3 Bushings, clock parts
LS64-2 Thermal printer's matrix
ЛС59-1 Bolts, nuts, sleeves, gears
LS60-1 Bolts, nuts, sleeves, gears
LS58-1-1 Parts, produced by cutting
ЛК80-3 Corrosion-resistant machine parts
Lancmc75- 2- 2,5- 0,5- 0,5 Pressure tubes, springs
LMsh68-0,05 Condenser pipes

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