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Thermocouple applications and characteristics


Application and characteristics of thermocouples depend primarily on the material of manufacture. For example, the working temperature limit of a TPP thermocouple is (briefly) +1600°С, while the same parameter of TXA is +1300°С, and TCK thermocouples - only 900°С. It is worth noting that the range of extreme temperatures for the correct operation of the device, in some cases reaches negative values on the Celsius scale. The use covers the following areas:

-industrial equipment;

-Laboratory research facilities;

-Gas columns;

-diesel engines;

-heating devices.

Measuring ranges

t° 200 - 1000 °C - alumel - chromel (TXA);

t° 200 - 800 °C - copel - chromel (TXA);

t° -40 to 900 °C - constantan - chromel (TXA);

t° up to 300 °C - copper - constantan;

t° from 0 to 760 °C - iron-copper;

t° up to 3000 °C - tungsten-rhenium.

Measures very low cryogenic temperatures - iron-constantan;


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