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Stainless steel in lightweight structures


Stainless lightweight structures are used in almost all industries. Due to the increased strength of stainless steel, the overall weight of structures is lightened. Often, stainless pieces require a precise and, most importantly, inconspicuous connection, which makes the welding method unacceptable. In addition, welding stainless steel can provoke early onset of corrosion. Consider alternative ways of joining stainless steel parts.


There are a lot of fasteners, they are available in a wide range, and allow the realization of design tasks of any degree of complexity. Railings and handrails made of stainless steel are a good example of such design solutions. One of the ways is the use of fasteners and connecting elements, which are fastened with bolts. This type of fasteners allows you to achieve the most accurate connection of structures.

Metal glue

Another highly effective way to join stainless steel parts is with a universal metal adhesive. To any glue, no matter what its base composition, have the same requirements of fast setting, shear resistance, maintaining strength on impact, prolonged load. Modern adhesives can be one- and two-component, can be anaerobic, cyanoacrylate.

Advantages of adhesive bonding

Universal adhesive can connect not only metal surfaces, but also parts made of different materials, for example, to glue steel to plastic or to rubber. The glue layer, which is applied with a special gun, gives the joining blocks a double guarantee. Some types of adhesives allow you to easily dismantle structures made of stainless steel, for this purpose, it is enough to heat the joints to a temperature above 200 ° C.

Finishing processing

After installation work, the finished structure, as a rule, does not require finishing all parts. Only if there was partial damage to the surface, the product should be polished and cleaned with a special compound, so that during the operation there is no need for frequent maintenance. Using connectors and universal adhesive, you can implement projects of any constructive complexity. Thanks to the development of computer modeling and the technology of modern electronic machines, the most fanciful and intricate details that help to implement any design solutions can be created.


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