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What is made of stainless steel

Technical Characteristics

The composition of stainless steel is ferritic, austenitic and martensitic. The use of austenitic rolled steel accounts for 70% of all steels. It does not corrode and melts at very high temperatures. The scope of its application is very wide. The austenitic composition contains 6 to 14% Ni, 16 to 25% Cr and 2 to 6% Mo. It may also contain impurities of other elements. Chromium ferritic steel contains less carbon. It is less resistant to corrosion and has a lower cost than austenitic steel. It contains from 12 to 20% Cr. A number of grades use Ti and Mo. Martensitic stainless steel has the lowest quality, but it is hardened by heat treatment.


Stainless steel is used to make tubes of various profiles. They can be round as well as square, oval, etc. Surface finishes include matt and mirror finishes. Stainless pipes are widely used in the construction of various communications and in design. They are used to make frameworks, stairs, barriers, parapets supports, etc . Rolled metal products such as hexahedrons, squares, angles, wires and strips are widely used in mechanical engineering and instrumentation. Angles and stainless steel circles are the most widely used. Flat rolled steel is produced in sheets and coils. It can be drawn, hot- and cold-rolled, ground, polished, and brushed. Stainless steel is used for building cladding, interior design and in the home. Stainless steel is widely used in pipeline installation, especially in the food and chemical industries.


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