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In June recorded an increase in imports of steel products in the United States

31 July 2019

The U.S. Department of Commerce has provided fresh data for the previous month. It is reported that in June increased imports of steel products. Local consumers submitted requests for the import of more than 2.45 tons. We are talking about rental, pipes, semi-finished products and hardware. In may the figure was 30% less. The reason for this was the need of Brazilian companies to curtail the supply of slabs. At that time they ran out of quota.

With regard to June 2018, this figure exceeded him. The difference was 8.5%. Here also the role played by the slabs. The volume of applications amounted to 788 thousand tons. In the period January-may 2019 net imports totaled 12.32 million tons. This refers to total steel production. A year earlier, the figure was more than 11.6%. However, increased shipments of semi-finished products. This year it is 14.7% more than in the past. Interestingly, the volume of deliveries from Russia amounted to 614,2 thousand tons. This refers to the first five months of 2019. A year earlier, the result was a 42% increase.

American Iron and Steel Institute announced its forecast for the current year. He was correct due to the latest changes. So it is expected that the order will be imported 30,59 million tons of steel. This is less than last year 7%. From this volume of 21.67 million tons are finished products. There will also be a reduction. At the end of last year, the figure was 3.3 percent more. Projected growth of US imports of slabs, line pipe and fittings. The reduction will imports of hot rolled coils and pipes of General purpose. The same applies to long products, with the exception of wire rod and rebar.

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