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In the next few years in India will increase demand for steel products

28 July 2019

The Indian government plans to tackle the implementation of infrastructure and construction projects. Will be allocated to this strand 1.5 trillion. dollars. How the funds will be divided by years, not yet reported. It is planned that financing will be implemented by development institutions. Will also issue government bonds. Finally, I’ll make a contribution of public-private partnerships. Naturally, the implementation of the ideas will need supplies. Thus, in the near future will increase substantially the demand for steel.

The authorities intend primarily to build new homes. Their number will be about 19.5 million objects. This would require about 17 million tonnes of steel products. New property to appear until 2022. In addition, the planned works on capital repair of roads. All will be updated 125 thousand km will be built new facilities with the necessary infrastructure.

During the past fiscal year the volume of consumption of steel products increased. Its growth was 7.5%. This year the situation to change. The report is expected to decline. The difference will be about 7%. This is because the decreased investment activity. The construction sector quieted down, as the industry. Currently actively developing new construction projects. They will be able to save the situation. However, the first will be launched at the end of the year.

In the 2018−2019 financial year produced 106,56 million tons of steel. We have in mind in India. Thus, the indicator exceeded the result of last year by 3.3%. This year the situation is unlikely to change. As for the 2020−2021 fiscal year, there will be encroachments. Estimated volume of steel production will amount to 128.6 million tonnes.

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