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What will happen to the market of tin in the near future

2 August 2019

International Tin Association gave its forecast for the current month. He regards the production volume of tin in the world. Experts analyzed the current situation on the world market. In addition, they examined data from secondary sources. It is expected that the volume will be about 350−380 thousand tons. While there may be a shortage, but it will be negligible. However, the rate will remain relatively stable. According to plan, it should make the new production capacity. But they too will change the situation.

A study conducted by consulting company Roskill. Myanmar over the last decade has become a major supplier of tin. This refers to in the world. And it happened quite suddenly. Its record result was in 2016. He was 48 thousand tonnes of tin. However, after the peak, it all went down. Last year the figure had fallen to 22 thousand tons of metal. Analysts expect that in coming years the situation will not change. Myanmar will continue to be not-so-large supply. But it still remains the largest supplier of tin in the world.

Brazil and Peru also special changes will not occur. The current level of production of tin they will keep. The reason for this is the difficulty on the largest fields. At the present time has deteriorated the quality of the ore. Growth of production volume only in the DR Congo. There is a rich mine of Bisie. He is already showing good results. In the second half of 2019 is projected to expand its capacity. So the figure will be 10 thousand tons per year. Difficulties with the supply is not particularly affect the world’s consumption. Currently, the demand for tin is not great. Moreover, it will continue to decline and stagnate.

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