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MSC began to build the garage to defrost the frozen goods

20 July 2019

Mednogorskiy menoceras plant refers to the UMMC. He began construction of the garage, where it will be defrost frozen goods. Otherwise, such goods are called «teplyaki». Their deliveries are made by rail. Thanks to the garage in the winter, the plant will be able to upload copper concentrate and clinker. They supply the companies of the group. In summer, raw materials are transported by train. But in the winter it is necessary to use the vehicles. However, it for the enterprise too costly.

The plant intends as soon as possible to implement the project. Thus, he no longer will have to use the services of the carrier. He completely switched to rail transport. In addition, the plant will be able to obtain additional raw materials. They are available on networks of the Railways. This has a positive effect on the production results of the enterprise.

In the cold season bulk cargo quickly freeze together. Because of this, the unloading process is much more complicated. Therefore garages with heating, to warm copper concentrate. The total length of the new garage will be 117 meters. There will be two sections. They are independent from each other. Each can accommodate 8 cars.

The garage will be concentrated warm air. It will heat in the gas heat generators. Defrost will be performed automatically. The whole cycle will last no more than a day. The new facility will operate all year round. It will be used from November to April. It is planned that he will begin work in October this year.

To date, experts are busy of the device of rail-sleeper grid. It lay inside the building of the future complex. This also applies to access roads to the object. Already implemented the gasket 360 meters of railway tracks.

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